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- The famous peak of the North Division and its lake, which is open during certain hours

-You can request one of our tour guides to take you on this trail!

Trails and hours:

    Trails and hours
    Trails Hours
  • Sinbad's Trail
  • 6:00a.m.-7p.m.

    Please take the following precautions to ensure a safe hike:

    1. Bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated
    2. Keep pets and children secure from edges
    3. Practice caution on the overlooks


    We HIGHLY recommend wearing shoes with treads. The trails can be dangerous and we are not liable for any accidents. GO AT YOUR OWN RISK. To Ensure you are wearing the right gear, please check the following before each hike:
    1. Make sure your shoes has grip and tread for slippery surface
    2. Check the weather for rain, sleet, snow etc. and wear gear accordingly
    3. We recommend bring spare jacket in case it rains; weather in higher altitude is unpredictable and there is a high chance of rain

    "We will vigorously strive to keep a well maintained park as to preserve the natural beauty of its state for current and future patrons of the park. In an effort to provide a safe environment, we also provide equipment for the activities offered in the park"

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