Bird Watching

Red Bird
Spread your wings with our Avian friends!


Welcome to our Bird Watching! Our park offers a wide array of birds to view for the enthusiastic watchers and for a weekend getaway for the family. As stated before, our non-profit park is always well maintained with a strict "No Littering" policy and the family can feel safe with on grounds security. The park offers many activities including:
  • Canoeing (6:00a.m.-7p.m.)
  • Biking (6:00a.m.-7p.m.)
  • Bird-Watching (However long the birds stay up)
  • Hiking (We Do not recommend hiking past 6p.m.)
  • Bouldering (6:00a.m.-7p.m.)

Rare bird sighting

Documentary of Rare Sightings
Type Date location
Red Cardinal 01/25/2017 North Division
Blue Jay 02/23/2017 South Division
Emu 02/24/2017 Edge of Cliff
Road Runner 03/21/2017 Everywhere


Have you ever seen a beautiful bird that you have always wanted to paint with your own hands? Do you have the curiosity but lack the basic skills? Then make a reservation with one of our staff members to get you started!
Choose your instructor:

Will you need Art Supplies:

Rules of the park:

As part of the park's new incentive:
"We will vigorously strive to keep a well maintained park as to preserve the natural beauty of its state for current and future patrons of the park. In an effort to provide a safe environment, we also provide equipment for the activities offered in the park"

The park takes the following rules seriously and failure to adhere to the rules comes with the full punishment of the law

  1. All visitors must adhere to the park hours
  2. There is absolutely NO LITTERING (fine $500+)
  3. Visitors who dine in the Picnic area must clean up the food and leftovers

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